Adjustment to Stipend Levels

Wendy Novak asked 1 year ago

I am not sure how to process this.
Notice Number: NOT-OD-17-002

I think this is supposed to be submitted like an admin supplement, would this be an email from SPA to the NIH ?

2 Answers
dbrow010 Staff answered 1 year ago

In order to apply the trainee and fellow increases, you will need to route this in KC.  Please use PA-16-287 for this application. 
Additional information about notice NOT-OD-17-002 was presented at the SPA/SPAC Quarterly Meeting November 10, 2016.…/SPA_SPAC-2016-Q4.pdf

dbrow010 Staff answered 1 year ago

To determine if you are eligible to submit an administrative supplement application, log into eRA Commons and select the Admin Supp Tab.  A list should populate listing all of the grants that are eligible for a supplement application.  Choose the grant, and begin the supplement application in commons.