check to UMB or UMBF?

Yan asked 10 months ago

We are in the receipt of an award from Children’s Heart Foundation. We submitted a UMBF-501c3 document when the proposal was submitted, The proposal was routed via KC.
The questions I have are:

  • Should the check be paid to UMB or UMBF (sponsor is asking)? Is our UMB PO BOX the right mailing address to receive this check?
  • If the check is paid to UMBF foundation, are we still getting a PID for this proposal/award?
1 Answers
sboyd001 Staff answered 10 months ago

When proposals are routed through Kuali COEUS and thereafter released to the UMB Foundation, the UMB Foundation will be in charge of that award/grant.  Since these awards are released and are coordinated by UMBF, no project ID# would be assigned.  The UMBF department (contact: Jane Wright) should be contacted for project details.  Checks should be payable to the UMBF.