NSF proposal submission

Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Can anybody tell me how to proceed NSF grant submission? Via FastLane or via Grants.gov?
How does UMB handle NSF grant proposal submission for single institution application? and as well as for collaborative proposals?

1 Answers
dbrow010 Staff answered 2 years ago

NSF grants submissions are routed in KC and submitted via FastLane.
If this is a single institution submission, you would upload the proposal in KC according to the announcement guidelines.  Collaborative proposals have two options.  The lead institution can enter the entire proposal in FastLane or request that UMB enter UMB’s proposal.  If this is a collaborative proposal, and UMB is not the lead institution, you will have to work with that institution in order to figure out if they will require UMB to enter the proposal in FastLane or if they will enter UMB’s portion in FastLane.
For more information, please see the NSF website for preparing NSF proposals.  https://www.nsf.gov/funding/preparing/