PI email and address

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jsimons Staff answered 2 years ago

The investigator’s email address, campus address and other details may be updated for a specific proposal on the Key Personnel tab, Person Details subpanel for the investigator.
For a long-term solution, the faculty member or your department HR person must update the email address or campus location, and then Kuali Coeus should be updated by the next day:

  • The faculty member can log into myUMB and go to the My UMB Employee Self Service tab (on the left above the Enterprise Menu).
  • Then click the link for My Personal Information
  • The second section is “Location & Functional Title”. To start, click the button “Change Title/Location”. On the screen that opens, click the magnifying glass to search for the location, then click the button “Look Up” to see all the buildings.
  • Scroll further down for the “Email Addresses” section and the button to “Change Email Addresses”. Note that the campus email address (umaryland, umm) should be used for Kuali Coeus and in grant proposals.

Kuali Coeus is updated routinely from HR and so the update should be applied in KC within a day or two after someone makes the change.