Agreement Amendments

Chris G. Donhauser asked 3 years ago

For standard or deliverable proposals that are already funded and receive amendments, how do you put the amendments into KC?  Since the original funded proposal was routed and closed, do need to create a new proposal?  If so, how do you link it to the original proposal?

1 Answers
gsore001 Staff answered 3 years ago

When you are adding additional money to a project then the project will need to be routed whether it is a Continuation (adding a new period of funding) or Revision/Supplement (adding new money to the current period of funding).
You can connect the created proposal under the proposal tab.  Go down to the Institutional Field Conditionally Required file.  On the right hand side you will see two boxes. One called Award ID and one called Original Institutional Proposal ID.  Both have a magnifying glass next to them that when clicked will take you to a search screen.
Award ID will connect the created proposal  and the OriginalInstitutional Proposal will connect it to the original IP that was created when the original proposal was signed off by SPA