check to UMB or UMBF?

Yan asked 3 years ago

We are in the receipt of an award from Children’s Heart Foundation. We submitted a UMBF-501c3 document when the proposal was submitted, The proposal was routed via KC.
The questions I have are:

  • Should the check be paid to UMB or UMBF (sponsor is asking)? Is our UMB PO BOX the right mailing address to receive this check?
  • If the check is paid to UMBF foundation, are we still getting a PID for this proposal/award?
1 Answers
sboyd001 Staff answered 3 years ago

When proposals are routed through Kuali COEUS and thereafter released to the UMB Foundation, the UMB Foundation will be in charge of that award/grant.  Since these awards are released and are coordinated by UMBF, no project ID# would be assigned.  The UMBF department (contact: Jane Wright) should be contacted for project details.  Checks should be payable to the UMBF.