Subaward balance

Judith Edelman asked 2 years ago

If there is a subaward balance on a NIH R21 grant, do we have to obtain approval from NIH or can the PI rebudget the  funds into supplies ?

1 Answers
dbrow010 Staff answered 2 years ago

In general, NIH recipients are allowed a certain degree of latitude to rebudget within and between budget categories to meet unanticipated needs and to make other types of post-award changes. Some changes may be made at the recipient’s discretion as long as they are within the limits established by NIH. In other cases, NIH prior written approval may be required before a recipient makes certain budget modifications or undertakes particular activities.  Please see the NIH GPS (Grants Policy Statement) for more information.

To determine if this is allowable for this specific grant, please contact your team with the grant number or PID.